Wannabe hit Kings not Kings of depression, kent interview, dagbladet 2007-09-19
Hilde Nordlund
Wednesday 19.09.2007, 19:33

Wise from the past kent doesn't want to describe the music on their upcoming album Tillbaka till samtiden.

It is impossible to generalize our music. We haven't taken a step in any specific direction on the new album says singer Joakim Berg. Nowadays we are too afraid to say we have a specific sound cause the media would just narrow it down and then everyone just hears what they expect to hear when they by our album, says guitarist Sami Sirviö

The Swedish band as ha a lot fun with the fact that they were called kings of depression when they released their last album You & me death. On the last tour we had a thing for shoes that were a bit too long, a bit like clown shoes. We called them depression shoes. And we called each other the Kings of depression all the time, says Joakim and smiles.
- Maybe media can call us the hit Kings hits this time? Sami says hopefully.

No performance anxiety
This Monday the single Ingenting was released and October 15th the band will release their seventh album, Tillbaka till samtiden. In spite of earlier massive success the band has no performance anxiety.
- Of all the people involved in kent we are probably the mot careful when it come to getting our hopes up. Everyone else probably has higher anticipations then us, especially the producer, says Joakim
In spite of earlier success kent doesn't want to follow a specific pattern when they make their albums.
- When e make a new album we close the door to the past. The only thing we know for sure when we go in to the studio is that we don´t want to do an album that sounds like the previous ones. Now is now and all of the old stuff is history says singer Berg.

Set for Norway
When the guys aren't rock stars in what many times has been described as the biggest rock band of Scandinavia they describe themselves as average Joes.
28th, 29th and 30th of November kent will do shows at Sentrum Scene in Oslo and December 1st they visit Trondheim. In Oslo all shows re sold out and the boys have a good relation with the Norwegian fans. It's always fun to play in Norway. In a way we can understand why we are popular in Sweden, we are Swedish. But in Norway people only likes us because of our music. That's sick. Cause we like sing in Swedish, says Joakim Berg.
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